Review of Glimpse of Darkness

exotic beauty

I am a HUGE fan of the immortal Sorrows series and am currently, impatiently, awaiting the 3rd book in the series. This prequel was an answer to my prayers, a little taste to keep me going until the next instalment.

I am a sucker for the baddies, I love a good villain and Clotho- AKA Fate – is about as bad as they come. I was intrigued to find out more about her back-story and why she was such an almighty cow! Firstly despite this being a prequel and thus shorter than the rest of the series, the authors engaging style was not sacrificed, nor was the story rushed as sometimes shorter fiction pieces can be.

Clotho is character you love to hate and this prequel introduces us to her pre-vengeful loony. As we meet her family and see the obstacles which stand between her and her true love Asher, I think I understood her a little better. I love her feisty cruel streak and the fact that, even though she is Fate, she has absolutely no control over her own. I enjoyed meeting Suriel, who indulged my bad-boy fixation and was delighted by a twist involving a favourite character (no spoilers but my fellow Sorrowers will know who I mean).

This is a perfect introduction to an epic series for those who have not yet read books 1 and 2 and is a lovely filler for those of us waiting for our next Asher and Izzy fix.

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