Review Of Wings Of Shadow

11256_1541582612779471_5521237775505810981_nI was lucky to be sent an ARC the second book in The Immortal Sorrow’s series by Sherri A Wingler. I discovered this book series last year, to say I enjoyed the first in the series, would be an understatement. I have a habit of reading and re-reading books that inspire me and the first book Wings of Darkness, was read three times before I got my hands on the second in the series. I was both itching with anticipation and terrified that the second book, Wings of Shadow might not be as good as book one. My fears were unfounded.
Sherri Wingler takes a chance in Wings of Shadow, by creating a whole world purely from her own imaginings. This does not always work, in some novels, it can become so surreal that it is hard to identify with. This was not the case with Wings of Shadow. I found myself completely transported to that world and though it felt alien to me, the author kept just enough of the real world within, to keep it believable. This reminded me of J K Rowling’s muggle world, blended perfectly with the magical world.
Sherri Wingler’s take on Reapers, is something I have not experienced in other books in this genre. I find her take refreshing, original and exciting. The detail in the storyline and weaving of the storyline, reminds me of great fantasy authors such as Patrick Rothfuss, and Brandon Sanderson.
Izzy is quickly becoming one of my favourite all time female characters. She is strong, independent and blimey she’s powerful! Her sense of humour and banter with newer characters such as Wrath, reminded me just how fiery she is and why I like her so much.
The storyline is interesting and fast paced. I enjoyed meeting new characters and new nasty’s, such as the guards and Mitzie. I particularly enjoyed the twists and surprises (no spoilers) along the way that kept me guessing and saying, just one more chapter. Wrath is a new favourite, I can’t say too much, as I think Wrath is something to be experienced, but his character was one I loved, loved, loved.
This is superbly written, this author has that special power to hold me trapped within the pages and I really did not want to leave. I found myself slowing down so it would not end. I will be waiting with baited breath for book three and look forward to see what will become of Grimm, Gwen, Asher and Izzy.
I cannot recommend this book highly enough. If you’re looking for a series to dive into to escape the world. This is it!


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